Bubble soccer

The principle of the Bubble Bump/Bubble Foot is to play to the 'almost football' with "almost the entire body" protected in a balloon filled with air. Outbreak, giggles, shock without risk, sport, fun, hobbies are the hallmarks of this new fun sport. Any age, any sex, sports or not, everyone can try Bubble Bump.

YOU play

 it there is no danger, the players are protected by the bubble that covers all parts of the body except the lower legs (Eh Yes, it should still run to play Bubble Bump).
That this either on the occasion of a funeral of life of boy or girl stag, birthday, adjust a few disputes between colleagues from work or a simple like fun... a solution: the Foot Bump/Bubble Bubble.
Remember when even that it's a physical sport or is défoule really and it takes time for breaks. In principle, we play 5 minutes then a pause of 5 minutes recovery to allocate more beautiful.


First it is necessary to form 2 teams, 4 4 or 5 against 5 or more.
Then, each player 'sock' a bubble that protects it from head to knees and prepares to contact... with a bit of apprehension but always with a smile. Is it useful to clarify that it is prohibited to use a spike to puncture the balloon of the opponent?
Go, enjoy, the referee starts the beginning of the game and the winning team will be the one who will mark the most goals than its opponent.
Needless to be a Caballero of the land of football since childhood, first quality is to dare to let go for fun and the second... stand up... not so easy as it seems.
If you want to, the arbitrator may equip a camera and filmed the part in the heart of the action, not to make video arbitration (although sometimes it is limit, limit), but to offer you a souvenir of this exceptional moment to keep and watch with friends


15 euro/pers.

Duration of 1 h activity
Ability to accommodate groups of more than 40 people
minimum 10 people

Height 1 m 40 minimum

Grass land

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